State of the Grilled Cheese

Items you’ll need:

SourDough Bread (Suggested: Trader Joes Stone Hearth Baked Sourdough Loaf)

Butter (Suggested: Kate’s Creamery Butter – Sea Salted)

Sharp Cheddar (Suggested: Trader Joes Sharp Cheddar or Lite Sharp Cheddar)

Mustard (Suggested: Mister Mustard Original HOT)

Frying Pan with Cover

Cutting Board

Knife (sharp one)

Knife (butter)



Put it together:

On the cutting board place down your bread so the “inside of the grilled cheese” is facing up

Slather one piece of the bread with a spoonful of Mustard — you can try both slices┬ábut might end up being too tangy, stick with one IMO.

–turn your stove on– medium heat for the frying pan

Layer 2-3 slices of cheddar on-top of the mustarded slice — I broke my cheese into halfs for better coverage

Take the untouched slice and press on-top of cheese

Swipe some butter on-top of that slice now


Grill that thing:

Place the buttered side of the sandwich face down in the hot pan

Now butter the side facing up (while its in the pan)

Place cover over frying pan (this will help heat our sandwich from the inside)

2-3 minutes per side should be good, you should notice a brown to black crustiness developing and the cheese should be oozing.

Pop the grilled sandwich back onto the cutting board with the sharp knife chop in half.

If thats the not the best grilled cheese ever then i don’t know what is!